Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Date of last revision: August 24, 2019

For we ourselves hate long, boring contracts, we’ll try to make this one as simple and short as possible.

By buying from us you agree with all of the following:

1. Delivery can take up to 4-5 weeks from the day of the dispatch. Read more.

2. The warning text on the cigarette packs will most likely be in Romanian or Ukrainian and will not necessarily correspond with the one presented on the photographs. Read more.

3. We won’t issue a refund in case an order is stopped at the border and you’re charged excise duty. We will resend it to you free of charge only when and if it’s returned to us. Read more.

4. We will resend an order free of charge only if it’s returned back to us or if you can prove it’s been lost or misplaced by the postal workers. We can consider making an exception for repeat customers only.

5. The tar & nicotine counts indicated on the website may differ slightly from the actual counts as big producers are always playing with them and we only update the numbers when discrepancies are reported to us.

6. The parcel and the individual packs can get damaged in transit. If it renders individual packs (or the whole carton) unsmokable, we will replace them/it free of charge.

7. While we are doing our best to keep the stock figures up to date, sometimes some of the brands might be unavailable. In this case, we will ship out an equivalent replacement to the brand you’ve ordered.